"Looking after God's People"
Safeguarding in the Parishes of
Bredon with Bredon's Norton
& The Beckford Group Parish

In our parishes we are committed to ensuring the safety and well being of all parishioners, members of our congregations, and volunteers. In order to ensure this we regularly review and update our Safeguarding policies. (Printed below) We also subscribe to the polices of the Diocese of Worcester, the links to which you will also find on this page.

Diocese of Worcester

Parish Policy on Safeguarding 

Bredon & Bredon’s Norton and Beckford Group PCCs

http://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/diocesan-compendium/safeguarding/safeguarding-policies/  (open link in new tab)

The nominated Parish Safeguarding Representative is:

Name : Amanda Bath

Address :c/o The Rectory, Main Rd, Bredon GL20 7LT

Contact telephone number : 01684 772237 (Tues 9-12)            01386 881349 (Fri 9-12)

 The following policy has been agreed and implemented by the PCC.

We are committed to the safeguarding and the care of the children  within our church community.

We are aware of and will implement the House of Bishops’ Child Protection PolicyProtecting All God’s Children (2010)”, and the diocesan procedures. Copies of these can be accessed at  www.cofe-worcester.org.uk 

We will ensure that lay ministers, volunteers and paid workers who work with children and vulnerable adults are carefully selected and trained using the safe recruitment procedures and Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) amongst other tools to check the background of each person as outlined in the diocesan procedures. 

We will respond without delay to every complaint made that a child or young person for whom we are responsible may have been harmed or is in significant danger, reporting it to the relevant authorities.

We will fully cooperate with statutory agencies during any investigation into allegations concerning a member of the church community. We will inform the statutory agency of any suspected criminal offences or concerns that we are made aware of in respect of our contact with children.

We will offer informed pastoral care to any child, young person or adult survivor of abuse and provide them with details of local and national support agencies.

We will supervise any member of our church community known to have offended against a child or vulnerable adult and ensure proper and appropriate preventative safeguards are in place, using a written agreement.

We will review this policy annually and, as part of this, check that all our procedures and activities involving children and vulnerable adults are up to date, including the DBS process and checks.

We will review our insurance policy for those working with children and vulnerable adults, ensuring we adopt the advice in the House of Bishops’ Policy & “Promoting a Safe Church”.

A copy of this Policy is displayed on the Parish Notice Board  



4.This Policy was discussed and agreed at the PCC meetings held in May 2015.

The PCC’s agree to review and update this policy annually.


Signed by: Matthew Baynes (Rector/Priest in Charge)